Cathy Mager, Event Curator and Producer, on Nekane as a Filmmaker:

on Nekane as a Filmmaker

“I have commissioned two films with Nekane. The first was a documentary of the making and installation of the Urban Fox a monumental sculpture made of straw built for the 60th Anniversary of the Festival of Britain. The resulting film “Vulpes Travels” was screened in the Clore Ballroom in Royal Festival Hall. The film required a variety of location shoots in Nottinghamshire and London. There is stunning cinematography and editing involved in the film as well as humour. There’s some particularly brilliant time lapse sections of the fox being driven down the M1 on a lorry. Nekane worked with great independence and creativity on a limited budge to achieve this film.” Cathy Mager, Event Curator and Producer

Watch Vulpes Travels here.

“The second film I commissioned was of the Bloomsbury Festival. This required documenting a wide array of events including a children’s light procession, classical music events in historic buildings and a complex dance piece and editing into a video montage that told the story of the Festival. Each of the situations she covered required a different approach in terms of sensitivity to those involved (involving young and inexperienced performers as well as professionals) composition and interpretation and all without any rehearsal or preparation, shot indoors, out, in private and public spaces in challenging weather conditions. I feel this demonstrated great versatility in skill from Nekane.” Cathy Mager, Event Curator and Producer

Watch Bloomsbury Festival Film here.

“I do not hesitate to recommend her.”

Richard Mansfield, Head of Security at City University, on Nekane as a filmmaker:

on Nekane as a filmmaker

Head of Security at City University

Richard Mansfield

“An involved training and information video was required for an audience of International Students to which NK Productions were commissioned. A day of filming in live environments was dealt with professionally and with due regard for the working areas of others. NK Productions and Nekane coupled the brief and scope of the video to produce a first class finished production. Well done.”

Watch International Students’ Induction Video here.

Ian Wilkie, Tutor at the Institute of Education, on Nekane’s Professional Development Report as a Teacher:

on Nekane's Professional Development Report as a Teacher

Ian Wilkie, Tutor at the Institute of Education

“This is a first-rate Professional Development Report that demonstrates excellent systematic enquiry into, and conceptual understanding of, teaching and learning. In part one – ‘aspects of professionalism across the sector’ – you situate accountability within current policy discourse into a fully relevant, insightful and scholarly manner. Part two – ‘aspects of professionalism with regard to your own practice and development’ – is an honest, original, critically reflective assessment that locates your professionalism within your own soundly reviewed pedagogic values and judgements. There is clear evidence of self-direction within this enquiry. Your reflections on building effective rapport, developing constructivist approaches and motivating your students are all consistent and compelling. In part three – ‘extending professional practice’ – you discuss the aspirations of becoming a ‘connective specialist’ and enhancing ‘flow’ within the teaching and learning of creativity in an utterly persuasive way. There is critical awareness, analysis an devaluation of research and scholarship that applies to, and influences, your own practice throughout this report. The synthesis of theory with your own pedagogic practice is strong. Overall, in the essay you devise and sustain a highly convincing argument. Ideas are presented with clarity, focus and coherence throughout. This is an absolutely cracking PDR – it is, altogether, a superb expression which thoroughly exhibits your won development as a highly effective, ongoing, reflective professional practitioner.”



MA Journalism and Broadcast Students at City University, on Nekane as an editing teacher:

Student 1

“I found the class really useful. It not only helped with learning how final cut pro works but also being taught how to make a polished package and how a news piece should flow.”

Student 2

“I just wanted to thank you for the extra class today, it was really useful. I was very good that you had exercises ready for us and that you could explain us the logic and the practice behind non lineal edition and the tricks and shortcuts of Final Cut. It really matches our framing and shooting lessons, and it’s very helpful for our final assessed assignment.”

Student 3

“As someone who is new to editing film, it was very useful to have you explain how we can think editorially within the context of Final Cut Pro. Up until your session, I have been recording my voice overs in pieces to fill time between interviews, and this had been problematic editorially. You broke everything down clearly, and explained the program and how to think within it, showing the connection between the tools and the editorial. I will be a much better editor and journalist because of it.

In the wider context of City, I think a session like this would have been invaluable at the beginning of our TV news day cycle. In my experience, and in the experience of many of my peers, a journalist is only as good as his/her ability to maximize his/her tools. If I were to leave City without a good understanding of the Final Cut editorial process, the course would not live up to its reputation. We need more sessions like the one you ran, perhaps as part of our journalism practice module. This is a first-rate Professional Development Report that demonstrates excellent systematic enquiry into, and conceptual understanding of, teaching and learning.”